Ox Tail Soup

So with the winter coming, it was time to learn how to make some soup. The one soup that came to mind was Ox Tail Soup!

Oh and it’s a staple soup on the islands of Hawaii. Since I love oxtail, primarily Kare-Kare, it was obvious to me that I’m going to like Ox Tail soup!

So how to make it.. hmm… oh right I have a pressure cooker!! Many of you have an Instapot, I have a Power Pressure Cooker XL… same thing just different button layout. Whatever it does the same thing.

As usual, I don’t have time to actually learn to make this myself, instead I find the recipe! There seem to be a TON of versions on how to make this. I chose this recipe because it had the word HAWAIIAN in it! Okay that’s a bit of a stretch, anyhow it was the most detailed recipe I found.


So here’s the recipe:

3-4 lbs oxtails
dried shiitake mushrooms (fresh okay)
1″ ginger, peeled, sliced into disks, and smashed
4 whole star anise
peel of 1/2 orange, white part removed
1 tsp whole black peppercorns
4 cups chicken broth
1 tsp fish sauce
salt to taste

1 lb mustard greens, coarsely chopped (other greens like swiss chard okay)
lime wedges
crushed red pepper flakes
1″ ginger, peeled, sliced into thin matchsticks or grated
chopped cilantro
chopped green onions

The directions stat to put the oxtail on a baking tray covered in some parchment paper like so:


Bake this the oven for 45 mins before putting this in the Instapot. The directions state to use parchment paper in a baking tray. I say don’t do this, instead spray the tray with PAM. When I used the baking sheets, the meat just stuck to the paper and it was a real pain to take them off.

Now while you bake, time to get the remaining ingredients ready!


Soak the mushrooms in water… get some orange zest… cut up some ginger… the recipe says i need to slice these and mash them up. MEH.. that’s too much work… oh.. and find some star anise.. and no it’s not pronounced ANUS!!! what else.. oh yeah some black pepper corns!!

Now when the ox tail has been roasted, it should look like this.


Looks cooked right! We’ll we’re not done yet! Time to get the pressure cooker ready!

Now get some Chicken Broth, I suggest the kind from Costco, the Organic Chicken Stock. Add 4 cups of this to the pressure cooker then dump the oxtail into it. While you’re at it, dump the orange zest, peppers, mushrooms, star anise, and ginger all into the same mix.

The oxtail won’t be covered yet so just dump water in there until all the oxtail is covered. It’ll really depend on how big the oxtail chunks are. The recipe says 10 cups of liquids… but I say just put in enough water to cover the oxtail. They say to add salt and fish sauce after it cooks, fuck it, i put it in at the same time!


Now for the fun stuff, time to cook! The recipe says to set the pot to SOUP and leave in there for 90 mins. We’ll mine on cooks for an hour, so for my pressure cooker 60 mins will do. I’m sure 90 well get it even more tender!

While that cooks, time to get the garnishes ready. All you need are mustard greens, green onions and cilantro. How much to use?? Well that’s up to you. I just use everything, let nothing go to waste!

Once your meat is pressurized, your soup should look like this!


Mmmmmmm… This is a good time to taste it. If it lacks flavor, add more salt. Season to taste!

Now find a strainer and strain that soup! You’ll probably want to put the oxtail in another bowl. When you strain this, make sure you’re straining into another pot. We just want the soup and oxtail. Everything else can go, our soup is now seasoned!

You’re almost done, now grab a soup bowl and add your oxtail and soup.

Throw in you garnishes and you’re all set! Also, cut up some limes into wedges and add them to your soup.




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