Honey Walnut Shrimp

So awhile back I made Honey Walnut Shrimp but this version doesn’t have mayo! SAY WHAT!!! When honey walnut shrimp is one of your favorite dishes at your local Chinese restaurant it’s hard to not want to add MAYO!

This recipe is from the Flavor Gods! While they don’t really have a website for this, they did post online via facebook.


Now before we move forward I did not use Flavor God Lemon Seasoning. Instead I just went to the local grocery store and just got a generic one from there. My understanding is that Flavor God seasoning are of the healthy kind! Honestly I wouldn’t know but maybe I should ask my brother!

Well the first thing to do is to add the Dijon Mustard, olive oil, honey, seasoning and ginger all into a box and mix. When you’re done it should look like this:


Next, it’s time to roast the nuts! Don’t have to cook for too long, just 2 minutes.


Now time to add the shrimp. I don’t recall having any ghee butter, so I just used regular butter. BTW, where do you get ghee butter! Cook the shrimp for roughly 3-5 minutes, don’t over cook them though because the shrimp will just become rubbery. Just cook until it’s orange.


At this moment, we add the honey sauce and garlic. Cook this for about a minute.


There you go! See your food should be looking something like this. If not, you done messed up!

Now in the recipe it states that once it’s cooked add garnish when you plate it, well because it’s me, I never listen, I added the chives immediately!


Mix that up and bam you’re done! Last but not least, grab a plate full of rice and add the shrimp! YUM!!! This has to be the quickest meal I’ve made.




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